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  • Homepage - An introduction to Mercia Detective Agency outlining the services offered in the field of private investigaton. Mercia Detective Agency specialise in process serving, surveillance, tracing witnesses, debtors and missing children.
  • Profile - Profiling John. F. Hope and his experience and expertise in private investigation and the forming of Mercia Detective Agency who are members of the World Association of Detectives Inc. (WAD) World Association of Professional Investigators. (WAPI) International Association of Auto Theft Investigators Inc. (IAATI), and the National Association of Professional Process Servers Inc. (NAPPS)
  • Our Services - Details of Mercia Detective Agency services - process serving, tracing, surveillance, witness protection and chaperone, obtaining statements from defendants and witnesses, sitting with council, solicitors, agents, photographic and video evidence obtained, polygraph examinations, recovery of property, bugging and debugging, personal protection, corporate theft investigations, motor theft investigations and asset location.
  • Links - A number of links relevant to Mercia Detective Agency. Website visitors can add a link to this page, although links suggested should be of relevance.
  • Contact Us - Contact international private investigators Mercia Detective Agency about their services offered in the field of private investigation.
  • Privacy Policy - Mercia Detective Agency's privacy policy ensuring any information you supply about your requirments for services pertaining to private investigation, process serving, surveillance, tracing witnesses, debtors and missing children etc, via this website will be treated in strict confidence.